Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Bankerupt has a western touch to it. It handles the sensitive issue of gun control in the U.S. It was refreshing and exciting to find an Indian author getting into the mind of Mr Bill Clinton. Fiction has scaled new heights in this book :). That's how the story begins. Aditya works in GB2, a global investment banking firm. Cirisha visits the bank along with her father with loan related request to the tune of crores of rupees. The motive is Emu farming in South India. This is when Aditya falls in love with her. And they get married. He likes taking risks and knows the loopholes in investment sector. His friend Shivinder is the CEO of Step-Up shoes. Aditya's illegal suggestions help Shivinder in striking a profitable deal for Step-Up shoes and the company is acquired by an international brand. Cirisha is disciplined, honest, bold and upright. Cirisha's academic interests keep her busy with work at MIT. Aditya helps his father-in-law in investing his money gained from emu farming in Swiss bank, without keeping Cirisha in loop. Dramatic turn of events result in Aditya losing his job and joining his wife in Boston. MIT, known for its academic excellence and research is clouded by murders which take place in its campus. The investigation unearths layers & layers of shocking secrets. This sets the adrenaline rushing during the course of the read.

The first half of the book builds the momentum for the second half, which would keep the readers glued to the book till the very end. The language is simple and easy to comprehend. But the excitement generated is simply superb. The story takes you through the entire MIT campus, its rules, regulations and the politics involved. The plot is a result of a thorough research on MIT, U.S states' federal laws, especially the policies related to gun control.The suburbs of Mumbai and Dharavi slum to the posh locales of Mexico, the reader would visit them all. The loopholes in the banking sectors of various countries are very meticulously exploited.

I felt as if as I was reading a book by a foreign author, only that the protagonist was an Indian. Also feel proud that such a gifted author is an alumnus of the college where I am working currently. The book absorbs you into the dark world of crime. The world of dreaded mafia, scams, betrayal, ambitions, dirty politics, and lust. When a community which is entrusted with the duty to guide the country's youth and help shape their career takes to crime, it's bound to be explosive. The book is a masterpiece, do read it for its sheer originality and brilliance of plot.

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