Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was thrilled when I received the invitation for the book launch event of bestselling author Anurag Anand's latest book Where the rainbow ends! Since the event was in Delhi, I knew I wouldn't make it. But then I didn't want to miss it either. Luckily, one of my friend who had confirmed his presence for the event was kind enough to send me a write-up about the same. I thank Jagdish for that. Hope he covers many more events for LITEREADS in the future :). 

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, as book-lovers from across Delhi descended to Uber Lounge in Greater Kailash-II to attend the launch of bestselling author Anurag Anand’s latest offering, Where the Rainbow Ends. The setting was perfect for a literary do with guests like Mr. Santosh Desai (MD & CEO – Future Brands) and Dr. Rita Bakshi (leading gynecologists of the country) joined the author in releasing his book.
The author, who was the first to address the gathering, began by conceding that he was as nervous and anxious about this book (his eighth) as he had been during the release of his first book. He went on to briefly describe the principal characters of Where the Rainbow Ends before quoting some popular bloggers who have already reviewed the book. ‘I am humbled that the book, as of today morning, has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Goodreads, a pedestal that even some of the current bestsellers are far from,’ Anurag said.
Mr. Santosh Desai praised Anurag for being able to balance his corporate career and writing. Talking about the book, he added, ‘It is a fast-flowing book with characters that each of us would be able to relate to. I am certain that this one will turn out to be a mega blockbuster.’
Dr. Bakshi too commended the author for his writing and praised him for using fiction as a platform for spreading awareness about cervical cancer, a deadly disease which is preventable by a simple vaccination.
Members of the audience, not to be left far behind, were quick to shoot a volley of questions for the panelists as soon as the floor was left open. Anurag deftly handled most of them with a dexterity (honesty flavored with a tinge of humor) that is slowly becoming the hallmark of his writing.

Standard Chartered, the event partners, were doling out complimentary copies of the book and soon there was a beeline of readers waiting for the author to sign their books. The author, in his usual amiable style, obliged each of them, penning down personal messages for most. All in all, this was an evening that book aficionados of Delhi are going to remember for some time to come. And for those who couldn’t attend, well you have this article to go by and you could keep watching this space for a review of Where the Rainbow Ends real soon. 

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