Friday, October 4, 2013


Early in the morning I completed reading Piyush Jha's Compass Box Killer. I am currently on a reading spree, I plan to read as many books by Indian authors before I begin working on my next book. Even though I have never been to Mumbai before, I feel as if I were on a three day adventurous trip to Mumbai, Khandala, Lonavala and Belgaum, solving the murder mysteries along with Inspector Virkar. Such is the writing prowess of the author that it transports you to places without any prior bookings:). The crowded bars, police stations, and the posh bungalows of Mumbai, the picturesque locations in Khandala  & Lonavala, the market place & jail in Belgaum, you visit them all during the course of the journey.
The sensuous and gory prologue kick starts the journey. Senior Inspector Akurle is found murdered, intelligently, by mixing poison in his snacks. The Inspector, Virkar, of the Crime Branch Mumbai is handed over the investigation. The Protagonist of the story is a daring young police officer who can be likened to the brave heroes of the Bollywood. He likes challenges. And cares for and respects the gentler sex. The Killer leaves behind clues about his next victim in a compass box. Crime reporter, Rashi, keeps Virkar company and romances him during the course of his investigation. She's shrewd & career oriented. The clues provided by the killer sets the tone for the story and the adventurous journey of Virkar. A simple plot is presented in such an interesting manner that anybody would become the author's fan. The last 50 odd pages are racy & extremely exciting. This keeps the reader at the edge of his seat till the very end. 

The humor is injected into the story by using Hindi and local Marathi lingo and use of some typical local proverbs and abuses which adds to the beauty of narration and makes one laugh in the middle of a thrilling read. The action sequences are very well narrated. The best part was that you start feeling sorry for the killer towards the end. You don't want him to be caught. The glaring similarities between the way some of the Hindi words sound to those of English are used very effectively in weaving the plot. It is filled with action, romance, thrill and emotions. The only thing missing are some songs in between :).

I won't be surprised if the book is soon made into a movie. Young and upcoming authors would find it a good reading experience as there is a lot to be picked in terms of story telling.

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