Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is my first ever review of any Indian book that I've read over the years. It's also the first ever paranormal book which I've read. I am always fascinated by the supernatural and the paranormal and thus the book naturally drove me into reading it.
    The disappearance of Tejas Sharma and other hauntings is a 70 page collection of 12 paranormal stories by Manish Mahajan, a debutant.
   I've grown up listening to several scary incidents and stories from people close to me. The dreadfulness and the creepy feeling that the stories created cannot be expressed in words. I was looking forward to experience exactly such a choking and dreaded feeling when I began reading the book. I must say most of the stories succeeded in their goal. Though I didn't follow the Author's instructions on when to read the book, as I read most of the stories during the day time, the book succeeded in inducing that nervousness during the course of its read. Especially, the main story "The disappearance of Tejas Sharma" really stands out. I agree with the author when he says that the stories are meant to be read slowly, so that every word which is so beautifully crafted and used with perfection, can sink in deeper and is absorbed by the reader. The rich vocabulary is the high point of the book. The author has refrained from using the conversational language which is used by most authors these days, this makes the reading experience even richer.
I am sure this book would appeal to people who are looking out for something other than the usual chick flicks, especially those who prefer the genre of horror. I felt some stories were very short, and played the role of teasers. These teasers can be developed into interesting full fledged stories if the author wishes. The ending in most cases is open. Even I prefer such endings to stories as they give enough scope for the readers to comprehend the story the way they want it. Manish has definitely succeeded in striking a chord and has a great career in this genre, which very few authors attempt writing in. It requires lot of guts to begin ones career in such an unpopular genre.I hope his next book is much more creepy, nightmarish and spooky. I must say one thing here, the readers would close the book with a feeling that they should have never read it. Because the journey from ones bedroom to bathroom might never be the same again. Who knows what awaits inside?

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  1. Durgesh, thank you for such a amazing review. It is a special honor to be the first book which you have ever reviewed! Cheers


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