Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The switch from Piyush Jha's Compass Box Killer to SMTP was dramatic.The title, SMTP, had intrigued me since I first came across the book while browsing the net. This is also the second book from Mahaveer Publishers which I've read. I first heard of the publisher when a student of our college Gaurav Pandey had got his debut book published through them a couple of years ago.

SMTP is a story of Aaryan. Its about the turning points in his life which make him a crorepati and then a roadpati. The protagonist is a confused, instinctive & an ambitious young man who is just out of college and wants to pursue a career in fashion because that would give him a chance to spend time and get closer to Sandra, his crush who resides in Delhi. But destiny has its way and he is forced to take admission in a B.Com course and then he joins a computer institute, thus the story begins. It's a story of a middle class family. The down-to-earth, hardworking and wise father, a caring and mature elder brother, and a strict but loving mother; anybody would be able to relate these characters with the people in one's own life. Every human being goes through the confusions and anxieties while choosing his/her career like Aaryan, so most of us would be able to relate with him, especially youngsters. The novel is set in Jaipur.

The Author's sole focus here is to demonstrate how an average middle class guy can go on to become a successful entrepreneur and how quickly he can lose it, if he isn't in control of things. The book is pacy and can be read in a day's time. Every chapter in the book has some moral to offer. This book is very different from the usual love stories. Even though the love angle is included, the author has ensured that it doesn't sideline the basic plot. The language used is very plain and day-today conversational language. The author has made no effort to use a standard vocabulary and the description provided in many cases is vague. I feel the publisher could have done a much better job by a thorough editing of grammar and formatting. So many formatting errors for a best selling book are unexpected and surprising. I hope the things are taken care of in the next edition.

The best part of the book is that it weaves the plot by considering all the ingredients necessary for a successful life. It leaves you with a realization that success doesn't come easy. Hard work, intelligence and failure are necessary, if one wants to achieve one's goal in life. Ashutosh definitely is a shining star in the Indian writing industry.

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