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In a riveting interview exclusively to Litereads, Bestselling author, Anurag Anand speaks about his journey into the writing world and handles extremely tricky questions with the diplomacy of a seasoned author. Also find out who is his favourite Indian author.

How does it feel to be known as the bestselling author? What goes behind this?
Well, it wouldn't be entirely true if I said that my heart doesn't swell a bit every time I read an e-mail or a message from someone who, after reading one of my works, makes the effort to get in touch with me. The feeling is indeed humbling.
Behind this, unseen by most, are the sleepless nights giving every manuscript its shape, the toil of ensuring that readers get to know about your work, and the dogged persistence with which one needs to go about promoting it. Whoever said that writing was a cushy vocation couldn't have been further from the truth. This however is not meant to dissuade budding authors, for the joy of watching your book adorn a bookstore shelf is worth all the pain and more.

Your readers would be interested in knowing what would follow “Where the rainbow ends”. Any leads?
In the pipeline is a work of historical fiction, tentatively titled, ‘Birth of the Bastard Prince’. The book is likely to be released by the mid of 2014. While this is a continuation of the story of Amrapali, the legendary yesteryear courtesan, I would refrain from calling it a sequel to my book, ‘The Legend of Amrapali’ since it is a complete story in its own right.

Let us know about your entry into writing industry. Was it accidental?
Yes, my first brush with writing was accidental. During the initial years of my corporate career I was posted in Rajkot, Gujarat, where, in the absence of family and friends, I found myself with plenty of time at my disposal. It was then that I began putting my thoughts on paper, with the singular objective of having something constructive to do in my free time, and before I could even realize, I had a complete manuscript in my hands.
I casually spoke about my writing with a friend who took the initiative and connected me with an Ahmedabad based publisher. The rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

Take your pick from the choices given below. Also justify your pick:

Patna or Mumbai?
Patna! Glitz and glamour fades away, but ones love for the motherland never does.

Historical fiction or Love stories or crime thrillers?
Crime thrillers, as that is a genre I am yet to explore.

Organize the following books of yours, starting with your favorite at the top.
a)      The legend of Amrapali
b)      Reality bites
c)       The quest for nothing
d)      Of tattoos and taboos

This is like asking a parent to choose a favorite among his children. But if I do have to pick, The Legend of Amrapali would be a notch above the rest.

Give your reactions for the below :
A nasty review for your book would:-->
make me feel bad (I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t).

Who is your worst critic? 
Best and worst – my wife, Neeru.

What is the motivation behind your writings?
To earn enough money to be able to buy an island someday! On a more serious note, it is the messages/ mails that I get from my readers. It is truly an unmatchable high.

Does an Authors job end with the completion of his manuscript? Is there something more to it? 
That’s where an author’s job begins actually. The next task is to find the right publisher which in itself is perhaps more humongous a task than writing. And of course, there is the marketing of the book once it is released. 

Who is your favorite Indian author amongst the young breed? 
Ravi Subramanian (not certain if he will fit your definition of ‘young’ though).

Your advice for budding authors would be?
To keep their head down and write. In the end it is only the quality of your writing that will spell success for you, nothing else.

Your opinion about this initiative i.e., Litereads. 
It is a fabulous initiative. In a day and age when social media is gaining from strength to strength, it gives us authors an additional medium to let the readers know about our work. 

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