Monday, November 25, 2013


Rahul, a middle class guy falls in love and marries an affluent and bold Shalini.  The very reason why he liked her in the first place becomes the bone of contention after marriage. He believes things would change after the birth of their baby girl Myra, but the change is momentary as Shalini goes back to her old ways. The situation goes worse, when in an inebriated state Shalini loses grip on Myra while trying to carry her. Rahul loses his cool and in the process ends up losing Shalini. Though he tries his best to consolidate the marriage, things take an unexpected turn. His daughter is diagnosed with aplastic anemia and he is left in tatters due to a vengeful Shalini and her Dad.

The doctor informs him that lakhs together would be required for the treatment.  Rahul gets terminated from the job at the behest of his influential father-in-law. He is lonely, without a job and wife whom he once so dearly loved. The only silver lining in his life is Myra whose custody is challenged in court by his wife. Does he win the custody of his child? With no savings left, will he be able to save his beloved daughter? To what extent his wife would go to wrest her daughter? Is there a hope where the rainbow ends? There is one crucial link in the story which I haven’t deliberately mentioned. Read the book to find out yourself.

Anurag is a seasoned writer. How a simple plot can be weaved into a heart touching story should be learnt from him. Use of wonderful vocabulary and storytelling skills hooks the readers till the very end. The unexpected twist in the tale is the silver lining of the Novel. There are several moments in the book which leave the readers emotionally charged. Readers would strongly sympathize with the struggling Rahul but can’t do anything to bail him out, that’s how realistic the writing is. The story also portrays the different shades of the feminine. Be it love, jealousy, sacrifice, revenge or the carefree attitude of today’s youth. I especially liked the depiction of these interesting shades through his various characters. The novel also conveys a message. Sometimes a mere coincidence can change somebody’s life. Grab the copy and witness the rainbow.

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