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I am grateful to Shri G Raghava Reddy sir (retired IPS officer), a man of great achievements for sending me a gift during Diwali in the form of Prof. D. Sampath’s book, “Wish to belong Want to perform.” The book is a product of state of the art research carried out by the Professor (an alumnus of IIMA and IIT Madras and one of the leading family business consultants of the nation.) and his team and presented interestingly to hold the readers attention. The research conclusions couldn’t have been this effective had they been presented as a documented thesis report.

The translated quote by Bharathiar in the beginning of the book carries the essence of the book. The book details the best practices carried out by some of the successful organizations in the present world. The case studies include Aravind Eye Care System, Subex, Indian Para regiment, Tally, Hewlett Packard, Ramakrishna vidyashala, Kwality biscuits, Mindtree and a few others. The Prof has beautifully summarized every case study in the beginning of the book and at the end of every chapter. So it was a challenge to articulate the review differently than what is already said by the author, or else I would only end up rewriting the summary here. So, I’ve decided to highlight some of Prof’s views and observations, which I feel are necessary for any organization on this planet to thrive for ages and exist not just as an organization but as a pillar of strength in building the society in particular and paving way for a developed nation.

On page 12, to a query the professor replies that some organizations take pleasure in putting their employees into discomfort zones to make them alert and competitive but this results in tensions, breakdowns and wastage of resources, he rightly questions the survival of such organizations. I have come across or heard of several organizations in North Karnataka region which practice the same and only end up fanning the disgruntlement in the employees. The sense of belonging is very minimal or nonexistent in such organizations.

On page 26, the Prof Highlights the importance of Outreach programme and its importance in community building. One such organization which I have come across is ISHA Foundation in Coimbatore which is doing a tremendous service through its Outreach programs.

The role of alumni in running an institution as in the case of Ramakrishna Vidyashala sounded an innovative idea. The growth of Subex and the ideology followed by its core team was an eye opener. Hp way was interesting to read as I was a part of hp once. The Prof asserts that being a mere professional entity isn’t enough and the uniqueness of every organization gives them a vibrant presence. I couldn’t agree with it any less.

I can go on and on highlighting several such important snippets from the book but it would be worthwhile if the readers buy a copy of this and comprehend for themselves. After reading the book I realized that many thriving organizations belonging to various fields like publishing, software services, education etc… are started with the sole intention of making money but they miss the trick in the long run and remain in history pages as time progresses. Any organization without values or vision is nothing more than a profit making entity and has no future.

Any person who wishes to belong to his/her organization and wants to perform would find this book a gem. This book is recommended for all the managements across various sectors, be it small or big. It is meant to be read a chapter or two a day for its essence to sink in properly. Anybody who targets to finish off the book in a day or two would find it a futile attempt as it’s not fiction, fantasy or humor but something of a much deeper essence. It is something which blurs the difference between a home and a workplace, and shatters the unproductive mental blocks of both the employees and the employer.

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  1. very insightful review..thanks for the same.
    you have captured the essence of the book through the snippets.


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