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This is my first article in 2014, my return to blogging in a way.
Ever since Chetan Bhagat produced his super hit novel 10 years ago, the face of the Indian writing Industry has changed completely. A number of Engineers have penned novels which have ruled the imagination of the young Indian’s mind. Be it an IT professional, an undergraduate student or an engineer who went on to obtain a MBA, everyone has a story to tell. The most sought after genre, no wonder, is romance. So what is this connection between engineers and romance that weaves a magical 50,000 odd words and leaves a lasting impact on the readers?

1. Engineering colleges are spread across the length and breadth of the country and irrespective of the location and affiliation to a particular university; every student more or less goes through the same events in his four years of engineering and in a way relates to his counterparts.

2. During graduation, an engineering student definitely experiences these things: hostel life, ragging, making girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), Break ups, making new friends, frustration, nagging teachers, rejection during campus placements, exposure to porn stuff and unimaginably short semesters. So weave a story with the right blend of all these and you have a Best Seller ready!

3. There is always an unexplained spark which connects the opposite sexes (usually classmates) and binds them together into a mysterious bond. The semester is simply too short to understand when this spark takes the form of a loving volcano in their hearts. The transformation is simply too dramatic and the outcome unpredictable, which makes it all interesting.

4. An engineer turned author is expected to have completed his schooling from one of those Urban English medium schools, which gives him enough confidence to write decent love letters and communicate in his broken English with his girlfriend(s) during the course of study.

5. Owing to the fact that the love has blossomed between two teenagers, its longevity and maturity level is always questionable. If the love fails, then a heartbroken Romeo renders a voice to his tale by penning down a heart touching account of his love life. The same letter writing ability drives him into the elite league of romantic authors.

6. Love as a theme has ruled the mindset of Indians since ages. We can find several epic movies made on the theme of ‘Love’ ruling the minds of our fathers and forefathers. If the same trend has captured the India writing industry then it’s definitely not surprising. Given the number of engineers India produces every year, the number of love stories will only grow. Add to the fact that even people from non-engineering background are adding to this everlasting genre.

7. Engineering teaches logic and love surpasses every other logic conceptualized by humans. An engineer with his logical bent of mind explores this aspect artistically. Love has numerous shades with lust at its lowest pedestal and divinity at the top. Choose the aspect which you want to explore and weave your story around it. A story can unquestionably be penned from a thousand different angles and yet each one appears to be different than the other.

8. Love is the only thrill known to an undergraduate or an Engineer. All other thrills and the limited quota of humor in his life would have been sucked up by a seemingly tedious and vast syllabus framed by the University. So, even if he/she attempts a thriller, it turns out to be an emotional love story, unless you are a Chetan Bhagat.

You can agree or disagree with me. Readers are also welcome to add points from their side and further enhance this article.

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