Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Before you start reading this article let me make it clear that I am not an accomplished entrepreneur or someone who has mastered the art of setting up startups. I won’t even claim that you will gain an in depth insight into the intricacies of launching your startup and get it going. This article takes you through the general and prevalent mindset among people which hinders the growth of productive thoughts and restricts a person to be an employee for life rather than being an employer.

The list of all time popular thoughts, which kill an entrepreneurial dream, is as follows:

1.     What if I incur a loss? This thought prevents many able youngsters from venturing into startups. If this thought crosses your mind then there is an urgent need to change and correct your perspective. There is no denial that you might incur a loss, but for that you need to have a startup first!

 2.      This job pays me well, why sacrifice it? The mission to fulfill a dream demands sacrifices from family, friends and the dreamer himself. Let your job be the first sacrifice for realizing your startup dream. Many more sacrifices follow!

 3.      In every field there are market leaders, where is the scope for new entrants? The world is full of opportunities. You can always start afresh and make a mark for yourself. Ten years down the line, new entrepreneurs will emerge, several new patents would be filed and opportunities which never existed before will emerge out of the blue. Everyone who starts today has a level field to perform and create new opportunities for oneself and the future generations.

 4.     I want security in life: This is what most people expect from life. They don’t expect happiness; instead it’s the security of their future. Secure future is synonymous with a job, not with having one’s own business setup. I would rate this thought as the most powerful mental block in dreaming something bigger in lifeI want security, so I will look for a job!

 5.     Partnerships never work:  Any successful business venture of today was a startup dream of a group of people, years ago. For successful implementation of any idea, a dedicated team and partners are necessary. If you are of the opinion that you will never partner with anyone because of the bitter experiences of people around you i.e., due to the broken business partnerships you have witnessed, you will never provide wings to your startup.

 6.     I don’t have enough investment: In today’s technology driven world what matters most is an innovative and attractive business idea rather than money. An idea can always bring you money but money can never guarantee a profitable business. Remember, not everyone is born rich!

 7.     Everyone is into ecommerce these days, let me also try: Just because everyone is making money selling apparels, books, household items, technology and services online doesn’t mean that it is a recipe for success. Please ask yourself, what do I know about it? Your startup might not sustain if you don’t have a plan in place and it leads to premature death of your entrepreneurial dreams.

 8.     Everyone in my family does a ‘job’: I have seen many youngsters who are so deeply influenced by their family that they believe only two types of families exist in the world. The ‘business’ family and the ‘job’ family. If you aren’t born in a business family then it simply doesn’t mean that you cannot have a business of your own!

 9.     I want to hone my skills: Any business idea tastes success because of the skill set and efficiency of its employees. There are people who are more interested in improving their skills and reaching the pinnacle of success in their field. The intention is good, there is no denying it but then this thought might never let you hone your managerial skills and the idea of a startup might never strike you! You will always remain the most efficient and skilled employee of the organization.

 10.   An entrepreneur leads a restless life: The weekends are meant to take rest and spend good time with family. I don’t want to screw up my weekends by being an entrepreneur! I need sound sleep during nights; such thoughts clearly demonstrate that a startup is simply not your cup of tea. Strangely, even people with such opinions harbor dreams of their own startups! But for them conditions apply.

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