Sunday, October 12, 2014


'Light denied' by Mangala is a story of a blind girl Vishwathomukhi and her struggles in the world dominated by people with vision. Set in Madurai, the story has a South Indian feel to it. A loving grandma, understanding friends and teachers help the protagonist overcome her everyday challenges. The interesting part is how Mukhi meets her life partner. I had recently been to a blind school and was touched by the musical talent hidden in those kids. Mukhi is no exception when it comes to expertise in music. The story will be loved by people who like reading stories based on sentimental topics. Mangala has a unique style of writing and uses simple sentences to convey some of the complex situations and emotions in her characters lives. And most importantly, I loved the ending:-) It makes u admire the protagonist...Definitely a warm read which leaves u touched in the end. Editing could have been much better and some situations should have been explained in greater detail

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