Saturday, October 11, 2014


Colossal : The Cobra Symbol, is a Fantasy fiction novel written by a young Author from Bangalore, Alcatraz Dey. This young writer has produced an interesting work which takes the readers on a roller coaster ride as they unravel the mysterious happenings in the life of protagonist. I wouldn't like to give away the details here. But the mysterious snakes, tattoos etched all over the body of the protagonist, his eluding lady love, a historical character alive to this day, a deadly terrorist on a vicious mission to target the very seat of democracy, and a blend of several prominent historical figures playing a key role in unearthing the secrets makes the book all the more interesting.... The writer has a flair for writing and is recognized internationally.A new age style of writing is adopted, where in the story progresses by connecting links spread across timelines and geographical boundries. With little polishing the book is sure to leave an imprint in the writing industry.. The author has a long way to go and can be counted amongst some of the present day geniuses in the literary world.

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