Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Why Retd Justice Katju should stop spreading online 'hatred' immediately.

This is an era of shooting off open letters to ‘celebrities’. I thought of doing the same, but then going by your stature, I decided to file an online petition in your online court. What somebody posts on his/her Facebook wall, as an individual, is none of my business. I took pain to create this online petition because I cannot see a retired Supreme Court Judge spread hatred, online, almost on a daily basis. If it were any other person then I would have easily ignored him.

Let me make some observations as to why Mr. Katju, your posts are divisive and violent in nature:

1. Cruelty against animals: On a regular basis, you rake up sensitive issues. The most disturbing issue which has caught the attention of the media is the consumption of Beef and you are projecting yourself as the No.1 beneficiary. You encourage violence against animals by encouraging people to eat beef and pork.
Beef seems to have made such a dramatic impact on your mind that even a healthy looking cow, in your vicinity, reminds you of your delicious dinner that night. It doesn't take rocket science to acknowledge that a cow is always more beneficial to humans than beef. Even its urine and dung is useful.
You are also instigating people to eat pork because pigs are raised clean in farms these days. Actually, teaching cleanliness to pigs would be the biggest mistake of humans. Pigs reduce half the job of municipalities in several places of India, by eating roadside shit and other filthy stuff. They are regular, enjoy themselves at work and never charge a penny!

2. Leave alone Netaji: Why are you so obsessed with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? The way you ridicule him in your posts makes one feel that you hold some personal grudge. This controversy simply doesn’t tend to fade away and it appears that you are making desperate attempts to keep the issue alive by calling him a 'Japanese agent' whenever you run of other fanciful ideas. You should actually be making efforts, through your online page, to find out the truth about his mysterious death/disappearance. Wasting energy in proving a 'HERO' a 'TRAITOR' is like shouting loud from the top of a big mountain and expecting that everybody agrees to you, since you are on the top. While the people below believe that you are enjoying the echo.

3. Religion vs Science: You say all religions are superstitious. This only shows height of your ignorance. The basis of any scientific theory is based on an assumption or many assumptions. Without making assumptions, nothing can be proved. And anything that is assumed cannot be factually correct. Science doesn't evolve! It corrects itself with time. And something which is constantly correcting itself cannot be considered to be the ultimate truth. So, break out of this 'SCIENTIFIC MAYA' and you will realize the science behind all the religions.

4. Abusing India: You also say quite frequently that 90-95% of Indians are idiots. First of all, this is an insult to the citizens. As per your calculation, roughly 118 crore Indians are idiots. How did you arrive at that figure? What about the remaining 7 crore sane people? Who gets counted in that privileged category?

5. Retirement Vision: Your only agenda post-retirement seems to be dividing society along communalism, regional and ethnic lines. Given the huge population and diversity in India, incidents of crime are bound to happen every day in one or the other corner of the society. If you focus only on such issues and fan them day-in and day-out, to keep the spark of controversy alive, then an uneasy atmosphere that gets created is bound to embrace you too. A lot of uneasiness at this age is not good. You need to relax. I request you to create a vision document for the country and encourage your fans to live in harmony, shedding the divisive agenda once it for all.

6. Misdirecting the youth: Have you ever realized that you are consistently creating ill-will between two communities. It is akin to a mini online war going on between people of two communities, hell bent on proving that their religion is superior to the others. If instigating mob on a street, leading to communal tension, is a crime then instigating educated youngsters to fight against each other over religion, beliefs, and national heroes is also a cyber crime. If this is how you plan to spend your old age then only scientists and doctors can help you. Hope our respective Gods help us.

7.  Abusing in Public: I was shocked to hear a retired judge venting his frustration in public by calling people idiots, buffoons and what not. You say that majority of the politicians need to be hanged. You remind us of somebody who comes from a banana republic. Lot of pain was taken to hang Yakoob after the due judicial process and you did a huge drama online, as if a freedom fighter was being martyred. Now you speak of hanging our innocent politicians, who only talk of weeding out corruption and unity in diversity! I wonder what happens to your intellect when you start typing in your smart phone. I am curious to know what have you set as your wallpaper.

8. Mr. Katju’s Arnabbed Moment! The only person in the country, who can make you go speechless, has already encountered you on his prime time show. People, who are nowhere close to you in stature, bullied you without giving you a chance to explain your stand and demanded apology from you. That would have definitely reminded you of your hay days, when you were the one reading out sentences and passing judgments. I believed the role reversal would leave a lasting impression on your mind and give you some time to do soul searching but instead you seem to be back with renewed vigor. It reminds me of a popular modern era saying (created by me of course) ‘Once somebody is Arnabbed, only silence prevails…’ which doesn’t seem to work in your case.Sir, kindly take my letter in the right spirit and ponder over why I took so much pain to make you realize these things. I am a ‘nobody’ in comparison to you.  But I see a potential in you to be a great statesman, only if you channelize your energies in the right direction. Signing off as one of your well wisher.

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