Monday, January 4, 2016

Review of 'Voicemates' - A novel by Anamika Mishra

       Voicemates is a story of Tulip Hill, a youngster who is passionate about singing. Her dream is to win the coveted trophy by participating in the popular international singing reality show,Voicemates. Her strict parents want her to concentrate on studies, but the lure of the contest is so much for Tulip that she lies to them. She secretly starts takes part in the auditions and luckily finds a suitable partner in Sam. Does she lift the trophy? What hardships she faces during the process? How does she convince her parents? What is the history of Sam? Do they end up falling in love with each other? Is Tulip's Voicemate also her soulmate?  Read the novel to find answers to these questions. 
       I liked the gentle twist in the end, it adds a different flavour to the story, which would otherwise have fallen flat. Being a thriller writer, I always look for some thrill in the story. And I experienced a little in the end. You cannot call it a romantic story either. It can be put in the young Indian writing category. I found it strange that Jaico has started publishing young adult fiction, or else I have always read serious, thought provoking stuff from Jaico. 
        I finished the novel in under 2 hours. The language is extremely simple, the one that we use in our day today life. There is nothing literary about it. Youngsters, specially girls will like this novel as they would be able to relate with the protagonist. 
Anamika is a good story teller and if she could change the genre and write on well researched subjects, she has the potential to do wonders. Try this book if you are looking for some fresh, quick read and if you love music.

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